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Susan Biszewski-Eber

Lisa, What an amazing and wonderful tribute. So, so sorry for your loss - he lead an extra - ordinary life and left an amazing legacy. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Susan

Lynn F. Mccoll

Hi Lisa, my mom Audrey called to tell me of your Dad's death. I was so sorry to hear. This is a great tribute and loved reading it and seeing all the pictures. Olympic park really brings backs memories. I remember visiting Great Grandma and seeing you and your mom and dad. I can see her sitting on her chair and stiring the dumplings. what great memories. Thanks for sharing this and hope that you are doing well. Lynn Frunzi Mccoll

Lonnie Salvatore

Hi Lisa Sorry to hear of your dad's death. He lived a very full life. I still think about your mom often. Your parent's were true friends which is a commodity very seldom found in life. We will be away this weekend, but home on the 17th. We will be going north to the cemetery to pay our respects. Let us know particulars. This memorial is absolutely beautiful. Please keep in touch. Lonnie Salvatore

Judith Powers

Lisa, Michael and I just returned from 2 weeks at the cabin and in reading through my missed copies of the Times was saddened to see of your father's passing. How lucky you were to have had so many wonderful years with him and so many wonderful memories to share with us. Your tribute was the perfect reflection of a life well lived by someone well loved. Our thoughts are with you.

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