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Monday, May 09, 2011


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Shirley Kitchen

It appears that the Tampa Bay Rays are only concern about their own personal gain and not the people of St Petersburg. It is time for the Tampa Bay Rays to step up to the plate and do the right thing.

Ree S.

Heitage cannot be replaced by jobs or promises. The intitial development of the stadium erased the communities footprint. I feel I can safely express myself with the statement that inner city redevelopment and "revitalization" across the states mimic this very issue. It is no surprise that the Rays are lobbying the African American community to gain enough support to move forward. No matter the minority group if small business loans are not made available the 'words' of advocating for increased minority businesses etc...are just 'words'.

Carla Crombie

City leaders dropped the ball after making promises to the residents of the Gas Plant neighborhood when the Tropicana Field was built in the 1980s. The residents’ community was destroyed, with no real compensation for their sacrifices. What was lost can never be recaptured. Although the Rays were not responsible for the failure to follow through with promises, their presence at Tropicana Field has made them “guilty by association” in the eyes of many in the African-American community. Now, it seems as if the Rays are attempting to make up for past mistakes to regain trust. They will have to demonstrate a real commitment to making a difference if they are to succeed in capturing the support of the African-American community.

Lisa Sahulka

I agree with you. We shall see.

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