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Monday, May 09, 2011


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I found the section on nursing homes quite facinating. In Florida patients are scored on a rug rate. The higher the score the more money they will receive from medicaid. that higher rug rate will also help determine the length of stay. if there were bonuses for early discharging healthy patients maybe there would be less fraud.

Cindy DeCrow

Jack Welch, past CEO of General Electric Company, firmly believed that you got more of what you measured. Measuring results as opposed to inputs makes such good sense, it is hard to imagine why one would ever do it differently. Still, this article was written at least twenty years ago, and these issues are still the primary focus of Mr. Osborne's Public Strategies Group (according to his website).

Becky Fisher

Even deeper is the issue of motivation in each of the above scenarios. It makes me sad that money is the deciding factor for so many personal and organizational decisions, including levels of performance. Is there something we can do to encourage people to give their best, at whatever they do, out of personal integrity or pureness of heart and not just because someone with a checkbook is watching? ... I'd hate to think that's an impossible goal.

Carla Crombie

I witness patients on disability who resist showing any physcial improvement for fear of losing benefits. Money is a very strong motivator for some to stay "un-well" and for organizations to keep people that way. Funding for outcomes makes so much sense but how do we get around the trap that so many people fall into?

Ree S.

Funding is needed to provide the services mentioned in the article. The accountability to provide services that create stability, sustainability, and a better quality of life lies within the hands of the agencies, and those providing the services. Whether it is in a nursing home, school, the welfare systems, health and training. It has to start somewhere and at the grassroots will make the most difference.

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