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Monday, May 09, 2011


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Becky Fisher

I assume this grid came with ideas regarding how to reach the upper right hand corner (blue block) of the chart? The middle (yellow) would at least be an improvement over the other three corners.

Cindy DeCrow

This one is a puzzle.

Becky Fisher

I just discovered that this chart also appears on page 158 of our text with a few paragraphs of explanation. We weren't assigned to read this section (chapter 7), but it came up as a reference when reading chapter 11.

Shirley Kitchen

On the Managerial Grid, Team Management is most productive and concern about people. Task management is more concern about productive then people, and the Impoverished management is neither concern about productive nor people. The Country Club management is more concern about people than productive.

Carla Crombie

Aiming for the upper righthand corner not only puts importance on production but on the people behind the production as well. Falling in the middle suggests to me mediocrity. If I were in management, striving for a level of production which values staff and superior performance would be my goal.


no comment lol

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