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Monday, May 09, 2011


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Shirley Kitchen

I agree Bruce Ritter do not need to be around children, but he did do a great work by starting an organization to assist runaways by providing food, clothing and a place to sleep. Also, it gives parents a sense of confort to know that places like the Covenent House is available to their children if their children need a place to go.

Carla Crombie

Father Bruce Ritter is one in a million. Now his character is being questioned and his life’s work has been taken away from him. The allegations made against him are serious but should not overshadow the great contributions he has made.

Becky Fisher

Leaders are often attacked and those attacks reverberate to injure the people they lead. Were I in Ritter's position, I would find it bitter to be under such scrutiny, but exceedingly sweet that the organization shows every sign of surviving regardless of the outcome of the investigation into his personal conduct. The truly selfless life says "crucify me if you must, but you can not negate the healing that I have imparted to others or the subsequent impact they will have on those to come."


Seroius and incredible good work by Father Ritter. Serious and incredible allegations against Father Ritter. For his sake and the sake of all those he has helped... lets keep them separate. Whether guilty or not his life is forever changed. Whether guilty or not, the life's of those men are too, changed forever...

Cindy DeCrow

Theses allegations were made in 1991. The board of Covenant House according to other articles, and a commissioned report by Kroll Associates both found evidence of sexual misconduct. The board found no evidence of financial misconduct, and no charges were ever filed. Father Ritter died at the age of 72 in 1999 of Hodgkin's Disease.
Covenant House continues to operate today under the direction of Jerome Kilbain, and has recently received grant money to resume an outreach program and establish a drop-in program that supports runaways who need help, but are not yet ready to come in off the streets.


I agree with the decision to remove Ritter and I think charges should have been brought against him. I think the church protects and hides child molestors. Why would these men lie about this years later? It is an embarrassing and shameful subject.

Connie Ribau

How sad that this had to occur. If in fact it is true , growing up normal for these boys was a big issue. However, Covenant House has become a vital and all but irreplaceable resource.


As a lapsed Catholic I have to say I am not surprised at Ritter's actions or the lengths taken to cover them up. Truthfully, he did many great things with Covenant House but his work will forever be tainted with his misdeeds. It is very sad, but not uncommon. In this country we place clergy and religious leaders on a pedestal and when they fall, they usually do so in the most dramatic and disgraceful fashion. I am just happy that Covenant House was able to move forward and continue its mission of helping the community.

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