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Monday, May 09, 2011


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Becky Fisher

If I understand correctly, true Montessori style schools encourage exploration and experimentation. This article helped me make the connection regarding why those I know who were educated this way are quite successful in their subsequent endeavors. Now I want to learn more about Maria Montessori and begin a campaign for all schools to be radically changed to utilize the principles she preached.

Cindy DeCrow

A thoughtful article, but sadly only passing reference was made how we educate our children, and how that in turn contributes to problems with adult learning.

Carla Crombie

Our schools focus too much on making the grade demonstrated by gold stars in kindergarten to high school G.P.A.'s,and college entrance exams. The joy of learning is extinguished when tied to such a reward/punishment system. Critical thinking skills, creativity, and risk-taking are not nurtured. Organizations then inherit the limitations of such "performance-based" learners.


I do feel some ways of thinking in our country is behind, like education, and how we see the need for life long learning.
In my work experience I have seen upper managment that may or may not have education.However No new tranning to learn how to be effective as a supervisor in todays world.

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